Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Vitality and prosperity of the University Free Essays

I am most pleased to apply for the A. Bannister scholarship. I have been exposed to persistence and hard work since I worked in a restaurant to support my schooling. We will write a custom essay sample on Vitality and prosperity of the University or any similar topic only for you Order Now I have also worked effectively with teams. The atmosphere in my past student life is one of great openness for new insights, possibilities and differing opinions. I know that in most situations, I need to be a veritable leader, integrating the different inputs, troubleshooting tasks to be sure that each person is contributing what is needed at the right moment, and controlling the flow of events through the postproduction conclusion. I view my experience in the restaurant as one of the most substantial accomplishment to date because of the great challenge it represented to me. Part of that learning is to have faith in my ability to meet difficult challenges. I believe in team productivity that would help serve self-development and personal fulfillment, and by extension, the vitality and prosperity of the University. I have the passion to create myself through everyday work, yet I thrive in that and I cannot wait to channel my energies towards these worthy efforts at the University. During my first college search process, I still did not realize that one’s personality must be congruent with the university he wants to study. I would have spent more time deciding where I want to attend college. I would have challenged my ideas of what I wanted to do. I am once again faced with the chance to do things I did not do the first time around. Now that I am more mature and have a better idea of what my priorities are, I will have a better grasp of what I really want to do in my life later on. I will take an active role in organizing groups whose efforts are focused on the spiritual area of one’s life and not only the academic part. From my talks with friends, I learned that this University provides the intellectual and social experiences from which the students can develop skills, knowledge, interest and attitudes that characterize people as individuals that shape their abilities to perform adult roles. Some of these influences are intentional, such as instruction in a specific subject, and some are unintentional—for example competitive grading, possibly leading to low motivation. In a changing society, the challenge continually facing educators is how to transmit the society’s diverse cultural heritage, as well as prepare individuals for the future. I know that I have cultivated the habits that encourage me to become an energetic team member. This has sharpened my sensitivity in working well with people of varied backgrounds and I am able to utilize the specific strengths of others to develop workable solutions to problems. In a team environment, one is required to both give and take. I have had the chance to develop these skills in the past. These are the reasons why I think I am deserving of the A. Bannister scholarship considering my career goals. This seems all abstract to me now but I believe in the school’s overall thrust and I feel that this is one big step towards achieving my personal goals and at the same time contributing my own share to the university. Â   How to cite Vitality and prosperity of the University, Papers

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