Saturday, March 21, 2020

Portable Concepts

Portable Concepts It is possible to single out several portable concepts that are discussed in the readings. First of all, one can mention the article The Grand Tour written by Evan Osnos who examines such an issue as cultural stereotypes. In this case, the very word stereotype can be described as a popular and widespread idea or a statement that has been accepted by people without any rigorous verification.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Portable Concepts specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For instance, in the article, Evan Osnos describes the experiences of Chinese tourists; it is believed that that these people will prefer only traditional Chinese cuisine. However, in many cases, they simply go to McDonalds which often appeals to them; so, this stereotype is not confirmed. In their turn, the visitors from China were not accustomed to the idea that shop assistants cannot do several things at a time since they are accustomed to this f orm of behavior. This is one of the details that can be identified. Apart from that, Evan Osnos explores another important concept in the article; in particular, one should speak about such a notion as culture shock. This term can be described as the inability of a person to adjust to a different culture, including the behavioral norms, the standards of living, or values adopted in a different society. These experiences are familiar to many people who did not have an opportunity to travel for a long time; for example, one can mention people who are coming from China since they are not used to traveling though Western countries. This notion is useful for describing the experiences of immigrants who may not easily cope with culture shock. These readings can throw light on other portable concepts, for instance one can speak about such a term as Americanness which is discussed by Judith Hamera and Alfred Bendixen. This notion can be defined as the distinct peculiarities of American iden tity or the experiences of people who live in the United States. This notion is important for the study of American culture, its history, and development; more importantly, this reading suggests that travelling and search for novelty are critical elements of Americanness. Moreover, one can argue that the concept of Americanness is important for studying the relations between American people and the representatives of other cultures. Furthermore, one can also discuss such a notion as travel writing which is closely discussed by Anthony Bourdain in the introduction to the book The Best American Travel Writing. Overall, this term can be applied to every literary works that explores the experiences of people who are confronted with a different culture, way of life, or traditions. It is possible to say that travel writing can be a helpful tool for understanding the similarities and differences between cultures.Advertising Looking for essay on communications media? Let's see if w e can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Finally, it is possible to examine such a term a term as cultural identity that plays an important part in each of these readings. However, one should first consider the essay by Judith Hamera and Alfred Bendixen. Overall, this notion is used to denote a set of experiences, attitudes, and assumptions that are familiar to representatives of various cultures. Certainly, it is difficult to speak about the fixed cultural identity, but this notion can still be helpful for explaining the interactions between the representatives of different cultures. These are the main portable concepts that can be distinguished.

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