Monday, February 3, 2020

Intro to Cultural Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Intro to Cultural Anthropology - Essay Example Body art has the ability to express one's individuality as well as one's group identity. In terms of American culture, one of the things that body art is often used to portray is one's status in society. With just a quick glance, we can often tell what status someone is. While upper class people could easily wear old, raggedy clothes and not spend a lot of money on stylish hair cuts, manicures, jewelry and so forth, they choose to do so in order to portray their high status and achievements. Another example of a message portrayed by body art in America is the rebellious stage known as adolescence. It is not uncommon to witness teens displaying body art such as hair dyed an unnatural hair color or clothes that are all black or somehow different from traditional, acceptable clothing. For other cultures around the world body art can be used not only to portray status and rebellion, but it can be used to signify the coming of age, membership in a tribe or gang, or appealing or connecting to spirits or ancestors, among other things. One of the consequences of body art on society is its potential for misinterpretation. The messages that body art conveys to the people in one culture may not translate the same way to people from another culture. For example, a woman living in America may wear revealing clothes, such as a short skirt and a sleeveless or low-cut shirt.

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