Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tea Introduction Essay Example

Tea Introduction Essay Example Tea Introduction Essay Tea Introduction Essay GOAL: I am going to introduce about Dragon Well Tea, the first-grade tea of Chinese green tea. I want my audience to pay attention to their health and know the benefit of drinking green tea. I will persuade audience to try the Dragon Well Tea, to like this kind of tea. This tea will be a great thing in their daily life. INTRODUCTION (30 sec – 1 min) Attention Getter: Let’s go green. One of the secrets to having a longer life is to have a nice and healthy body. Why do you think you need a cup of Dragon Well Tea everyday? Here’s what you exactly need to know: how to have a longer life that is with a nice and healthy body. Preview: I will focus about the benefit of the green tea to human’s health, the feature and the benefit of the Dragon Well Tea. BODY/DEVELOPMENT 1, summary and the benefit of the green tea A, it is a famous and good beverage around the world B, rich sources of antioxidants C, high amounts of Gatechin D, help weight loss programs and protect teeth 2, the feature of the first-grade of green tea, Dragon Well Tea A, Dragon Well Tea is flat and smooth in shape B, The color is green, yellow and luster. C, Dragon Well Tea is well-known around the world due to four wonders, namely, â€Å"green color, sweet smell, mellow taste and beautiful shape†. D, Boiling water of about 80 degree  into the cup, the tea liquor is dark green and smells sweet and mellow. 3, the benefit of the Dragon Well Tea A, Its taste, aroma, health benefits and most of all slimming and beauty effects B, safe, organic, effective and affordable C, stay fit and healthy D, it tastes good and you can drink any time CONCLUSION What are you waiting for? Grab a box of Dragon Well Tea now. Start changing your unhealthy habits by eating right and having your daily exercise. And most of all, do not forget your daily dose of Dragon Well Tea for a healthier you. You can drink it as your afternoon tea. And you can also drink it instead of water. It is convenience and taste great.

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